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Your health should always be a priority. If you have chronic pain, Joseph Hadi, MD, of California Pain & Regenerative Medicine Institute in Encino, California, can help even sooner with concierge medicine. Dr. Hadi is committed to serving patients wherever they may need assistance. He will bring his expertise in physical medicine, rehabilitation, and pain medicine to provide effective treatments for many causes of pain. Call California Pain & Regenerative Medicine Institute today to find out more about concierge medicine or use the online booking tool to request an appointment.

Dr. Hadi is proud to offer concierge medicine as a service to patients. Concierge medicine offers at-home evaluation with all equipment set up and all treatments given in the comfort of your home. Using concierge medicine, Dr. Hadi is able to provide personalized care and timely treatments to patients in a safe and private environment.

Some benefits of concierge medicine are:

  • Direct, at-home care
  • Private consultations
  • Prioritized appointments
  • More quality time with your provider

Typically, concierge medicine allows for Dr. Hadi to provide quicker medical assistance and direct communication to help you manage your pain. Whether you're seeking direct communication with your provider or simply interested in booking a more private appointment, contact Dr. Hadi today to get started using concierge medicine.

For patients requiring concierge medicine, Dr. Hadi offers access to his personal cell phone number. He is committed to serving outside of typical office hours to make sure you are feeling your best. All equipment required for at-home treatment will be provided and set up directly to allow for expedited wellness services brought right to your door.

Call Dr. Hadi today to request concierge medicine.

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