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    30% off ALL aesthetic treatment pricing listed below for a limited time only

    AccuTite & FaceTite - Tighten & Tone Your Face or Body

    Regular pricing listed below

    Lower eyelids $3,000

    Nasolabial folds $3,000

    Jowls $3,500

    Submentum $3,000

    Submentum and Jowls $6,000

    Knees $3,500

    Abdomen* $6,500

    *inquire about other body areas that can be treated for skin tightening and fat removal such as bra fat, upper arms, and thighs

    Mopheus 8 - Advanced Skin Rejuvenation

    $3,600 for a series of 3 treatments

    $725 for a single treatment add-on to a FaceTite treatment


    $1,200 for one session

    $3,600 for a series of 3 treatments

    Jeuveau (Botox Alternative) - Get Rid of Pesky Facial Wrinkles with the #NewTox in Town

    $12 per unit (now only $7 per unit!) - Injected by Dr. Hadi himself

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